Lay-Toons in science

When it comes to communicating the research projects, it is common to use technical details in language as well as in illustrations. This is called “Scientific Communication Style”. Then, there is “Lay Style” in which more emphasis is laid on using simple words yet with the same technical details in illustrations. The later form of communication can be more effective if coupled with simple visual graphics, technically, “Lay Illustrations”.

It is said that half of the human brain, either directly or indirectly, processes to store the visual graphics seen within 13 msec. This implements the significance of using “Lay Illustrations” for conveying the message to bring more awareness over scientific logics behind certain phenomena. 

Dr Malik, research scientist in our facility, is a cartoonist. She came up with the idea of translating scientific illustrations to cartoon illustrations during the Science Trivia event with school children. “When I explained the answer of a certain question by showing them the vibrant cartoon illustrations, children seemed to be more engaged in the subject matter and more focussed on listening”, she mentioned. “It gave me the idea to translate certain topics into vibrant cartoon sketches as an innovative tool to educate,” she added.   

Dr Malik joined us in January, 2022. Since then, she has been an integral part of our team.

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